Alzheimer's and Aging Research Center of Torrey Pines, California

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Our Mission

Research Center for Alzheimer's and Aging

Since 1995, the scientists we support have been conducting research on Alzheimer's disease and other aging-related diseases, presenting the results to the public, and training students. We make it a priority to ensure that the research results are shared with the public throughout the world, and we also work to foster international scientific collaborations between our scientists and others who specialize in this field.

The effect of Alzheimer's weighs heavily on the shoulders of society. Many spouses, relatives, and friends take care of people with Alzheimer's. As they watch their loved ones become more forgetful and frustrated, they too, experience the mental, physical, and financial burden. The estimated annual costs for Alzheimer's patients are close to $50 billion. Our intent is to increase the understanding of the aging process and make discoveries to allow seniors to have fuller, more enjoyable lives.

Officers and Trustees

  • President Daniel Richey
  • C.F.O. Donald Cooper
  • Corporate Secretary Pamela Houghten
  • Assistant Corporate Secretary Mary Holmgren
  • Trustee Robert S. Hodges, Ph.D.
  • Trustee Pamela Houghten
  • Trustee Larry Pelton
  • Trustee Andrea Resnick
  • Trustee Daniel Richey
  • Trustee Greg Welmaker